Wicket – reloading html files in Netbeans (english)

In the current version of Netbeans changes in HTML-files within Wicket projects are not visible immediately in your browser.

I’ve tried several things (Tomcat, Jetty, debug mode) and couldn’t find a solution, so I wrote a little tool which is polling the source-directory for changes and copies them if any occur. Just when I finished the tool I found a setting wihtin Netbeans which is accomplishing the wanted behaviour. In your project settings you have to change under Build / Compile the setting „Compile on Save“ to „For both application and test execution“ and your changes will get visible after a few seconds. *grrrrr*

But: only in Netbeans 7.0 Beta it takes only a few seconds. In version 6.9.1 a complete re-deployment is initiated which will take longer.

So, who is not using Netbeans 7.0 Beta yet because you can’t / don’t want to / you are not allowed to or you have a similar problem in a different context, you can find the source (including documentation) that I wrote: here.

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